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October 2, 2013
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Electric Company by jwolf90<da:thumb id="378353601"/>Gecko by MyHeadWonders<da:thumb id="387372854"/>Natsu x Lucy by PrawletteGus Motivational by tuonenjoutsenThe Eye by Entwinedbliss Ancient Red Dragon Ragorath by luffieSuperman by SarahPerrymanIn the Forest by SweediesArtHappy B-Day! by BijouBlue<da:thumb id="353055096"/>Bambi don't like Mondays by kittycat5678Rust Boat BW by Visionary-ImagesMuppet Doctors - Five by ErinPtahLion by Silver-tanGently Broken by Art-By-MarkPaper Soccer Player by RollingboxesDogon cave painting by Christian-AttridgeScrooge's Pogo Cane by SpongeDudeCoolPantsOf - Land of Greed by NaderMaroufReturn of the Cookies! by Carnage-KhanViolet by animevioletgirlBigger inside! by NBioshLotus by jinxriderI Can See the Universe Melting by AvengingCoconutOld Man by fmr0<da:thumb id="381908856"/>Lights in our kitchen by warisiss<da:thumb id="356843233"/>Dragon Land by DarkDevil16Truxton by TheRejectPhoenixPersefone by PpepziThe Govenator from ' The Walking Dead ' by JaredDennisGioconda? Neah.. by leodavinci21Beast of Craggy Island .:COMMISSION:. by TheMistOfThePastDemons... Chase them... Or become them... by ParkueraPowerPuff G. VS. RowdyRuff B. by sweetstrawberrybluepBulbous Buttercup by TheDewdropFairyWilliam Dearborn by AporpheusAn Ultimates cover inking practice by luisarellanoTaylor Lautner by JuliaFox90Untitled 005 by GabrielSieglGreenjow by diarcoraPsycho Guns CD cover by Ace0fredspadesMoon by Ducksauce-splash<da:thumb id="362896018"/>Thanks for 6000 by DiabolicLilyThe Black Beast. by ArtisOneofThemFA - Jeff the killer by Cutie-BeckyFalls along the Boulder Brook Trail by DFWHDRApple OP by wolkentanzerNOT ENDED CHAPPA! by ChocolateBarknew cartoon style illustration by eydiimy own version of hinata hyuuga by egneverymJecht by Courtney-CroweSelf Portrait by AngeloQuinteroGajah Mada-Trio by Wonder-OpsOn the beach... by hikingbootsBaldur by White--WhiskersMilo/Camus - First tears by UnicaGemPurple Skull. by RraFrateaHer Pet Goldfish by rayvin734Spain 07 by AnneMarie1986Web of Dreams by DimagoHope by lucardinaleEarth, Moon and Stars Necklace by ForbiddenynforgottenPlay me your love by Leowulfe+ ::. Lets Draw .:: + by FantasyLinkyEvening Glow by 3RiiNGerbera tea by FrancescaDelfinoFlora by saeedamahmoodDragon en las rocas by AlmaoscurecidaSay my name by SpacePhoenixKanciapka by rarazetSanya, Hainan. 7 by Queen-Harpy-BeeLion (Kiriban Prize) by CeraLuna.: Earth God - Lila :. by ASinglePetalChakra -B.O.T. Chapter 2 Cover by ARVEN92Butterfly Koi by chromareverieJoltik Noms by DarkAlchemistNinjaSerene by Technicolorized<da:thumb id="331027869"/>Riding Hood and the Wolf by HappilyCreativeBiker Cat by IndigoblauUntitled by ledaryuga<da:thumb id="336740348"/>Rebel wind by 22Esp3ria2My Friend by JiangLi-SungaiHello Stalker by Novellavontrinkett<da:thumb id="359123841"/>Old Friend by FILISKUNWe're marionettes of destiny by Kira-zenWaterclaw - Finished. by Darkclaw-DCLily by Laila135Fireflies by QuirkneyDeterminacion by StrangepicturesLisanna Strauss by Yosumi-ChanLonesome Tree by Natan Estivallet 2013 by Natan-EstivalletIt takes heart by HincaruLooking for Johnny Moon Poster 2012 by creativemediaphSolid Snake by Fahad-NaeemMoon Stealer by Ata-Ur-RehmanFor my ally is the force by JedimikePlay of light by Dry89New Realism  style first official try! by LosijanaGeometric Rose by SuilaidRowanTrick and Treat: 189 by phillydelphyOptimus Prime by vishalnageshkarLose yourself to nothing... by Desert-Winds<da:thumb id="398450555"/>Cat by HannaHeSAOS 43 Concept Artwork by SEPTAGONDraw in Color by PikNicxSupreme Sacrifice by IosifChezancock by vagretirobertFAUNO by JoLuEsMaTalk sprite me by moonawolfBioshock by black-rabbit-kun<da:thumb id="394808155"/>Will Graham by DainxiousGirl with the pearl earring by KaLa89Doccia estiva by Irenezolea<da:thumb id="328479782"/>Sweet oblivian by theheekSail the starry seas by a2starPirate by vvaporeonLeo by MissRed62Elinor et Jack 2 by MaripazVillarDonald Duck | Necklace by designandberriesScrap010 C by dariya26Loraya by NightElf86Elephants Embracing by TailexisNate by barkingmadcazDesenho 1 by MascaraMecanicathe sound of music by werethewindblows<da:thumb id="194728839"/>Diploria by Tychovzo<da:thumb id="387653673"/>Happy Birthday Steve Priest by 79ChristinaSRose by ZipercooDeNo Place Called Home by TildsArtKurenai - Colour by DemocoSanji The mad Hatter by KisaSwanThere's Something Else Beyond Nature... by Artzy-chickSmsy 18 by NSolankiEnigma ... by AnnaArmonaLemon Snout brooch, Homestuck by JoshikoseiSnakAT: HIIIII!!! by Abyzz01Feel the Music by 95ClockworkAngelFruit... by FlashxDragonPercy Jackson and Annabeth Chase cabochons by ramenloverviMinecart tour the World by prim15505<da:thumb id="315686905"/><da:thumb id="266766010"/>Purple Passion by NayeliNeriaCrazy by Kaiyarushooting by TheIncredibleTheorySt Georges Hole - Le Gouffre St-Georges by annewipfbusiness portrait by reynaldoftBrand new life by passion-aestheteGrinning Cheshire Cat Hat by calgarycosplayHappy Birthday, Fire-chan! by SaraAwayukiClarence Spark by alexandru1208Squall Leonheart by sheenatarinchaThe Wedding Chaos Part 1 by ToonliciousSnack<da:thumb id="357791048"/><da:thumb id="358731143"/>Dream Clock by AlukeiQuilling Flower by SwapneilFree hug by Myria-Moon by Myria-Moon<da:thumb id="329136088"/>rhavendc by rhavencometaPoppy Bordeaux III by mad-yHow do I look? by signora-soleSomeday I'll find you by JulieveinJump by MilaineSummersetShadows of the Past II by nothingNOIRScaredpup Cutepup by PilferpupMulan Fan Art by JasonBrockPonies Cuddle By The Fire by SymzTewFrederica Rice by TophitaProject Human page 16 by ZoandersKxhara by MiquaSelf Portrait by lilystellStrawberry Dragon by Lucky101212Asmek-kaar by ElAsmekTrain Rails, Rain Trails by MaryYanaPokemon fusion - Magnechu by MyBurningEyesVictory Grin by HotelDarkestStudiosWisdom of Wind +edit+ by hail-the-obliviousMorgan by EugenieArtuhhhh by uniquetiaAutumn Fall~ by ExoHazard<da:thumb id="323891676"/>Read description by musicalbeingBy the sea by Lisa0792Plok by BladenX
Eye (Black and White) by Qyuneoceanscape by EthanChaikoTodos juntos! C: by Emi-HellavenLizarinottes~! by LizanottesCLASSIC by WyaWyBroken Pipe by Art-KombinatIncubators by GrahamSymSweet Little Fairy by PerfectlyFlawfilledMy imaginary friend and I- To the other world by Yaoi-HirakoMary by HucklemaryThose Tension Moments by AndrelahPerk Colas 2 by HappyManDomoPaint Me My Universe by ToxxinzLeo Kliesen by Ai-HanabiraDeath Note-Stars and SHinigami by Angel-TsukiGelibird Adopt - One [OPEN] by DucksauceAdoptablesdigital : Winged Flare 05  2013 by darshan2goodTea Time by LashelleValentinelightful glass stars by Andrea1981GGrasshopper by AppleBlossomGirlSunset XI by tomasNYTortoise by ShardelRainbow of emotions by ValeJArt Work7. by DarkJazmin11Chibi Ho-Oh Sculpey by animeyume06<da:thumb id="371175245"/>Another forest by KPEKEPReprogramming by JoePingletonHard morning by chyhyReaching by J-HumpThunder Fire Cannon Warhammer 40k by AkiratangJack and Angelica by Ryuux33D Origami - Mockingjay Pin by Jobe3DODuck by JessicaStarrPhotoheart cookies by sataikasiaChocolate Chip Cookies v2 2 by maytelMotorbike by SvetlanadeviantMoon Cake by SolitariusWolfFires in the stars by Alheli-delaGarzaDuckstroke by AtomicBrownieTsougria Beach by BlueberryblackSoulis: Impression, Pumpkins II by soulis0Dream Garden by CharlikesmudkipsA Very Indian Minion by varshapeterpandaThe Tree by christina177My Spirit Is Open by ArchShiranuiPower of Green by ValchynaMega-What?? by Iza-nagiWinter in Piatra Craiului. by TzetzeMariusGray skies, blue eyes. by theywillsufficeMarbling inks experiment by GraceDoragonSteam It Up by magicsartKarasulan Alias Wave by Sandragondepresed by ALPHAtarraelephant by ani67Cake Mix Cookies by ApeanutbutterfiendBild1432 by Akira-IzusaZlatarsko jezero by Piroshki-PhotographyYuki Eiri by Eisebiusred swings by VasiDgalleryLonely beauty by antoniavsWings of Heaven by NovaHeroiUrban Chameleon by RexTullSleep Tortuous Sleep by RainyBlacksmithMy Music Sml New by TheShadeCreatureMobotropolis Under The Dome by FunnelVortexPinku Pink Friends! by MiumeiiDepths by afac86SPLATTERZ by KISSFANFREHLEYSCOMETOrma by a14onymusOshawott doooooodle by SunsetTheDragonintrinsic connections by daliahmeGuess. by Lola3891Assorted Original Fabric Phone Cases by MonostacheLamborghini Le Mans by ISPMatsumotoTakanoriAugmented Reality Navigator by coolarcreatorThe Demon That Lurks: Kyre by DemonWolfAtreiyuAT LadyLirriea by tatiilangeFildemalte by crshhHauntingly~Beautiful~Remembrances...... F}{2 by ANGELICA-LILYEurydice III by TheGoldenGizmetHe Wrecks, He Smashes by AngelXStriderB-A ! | The goddess of victory by ZakHarrar#RabiBunny by ChronoSyndromeDeath Metal Ring by HomagiumTekarah Otter Contest by charli-artNorthern Lights and Comet by stargateatlE-492 by eongunweek 26: fish by cloe-patrafierce Cold by FadwaAngelaWhite Azalea by FlicknFlashRun in the Blazing Water by BunnyFroofrooMy Street by The-wolf-named-NorkYOU ARE THE LIGHT__DOODLE by anyazaliamy_factory by Coolok

I'm sorry if I missed anyone, it was hard to keep track of who had been added.
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