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Inspirational Feature 15

Wed Aug 13, 2014, 10:08 AM by Bonelos:iconbonelos:

This article is part of a project featuring artists who you in the community find personally inspiring. To find out more about the project or to get involved please visit this journal


suggested by musicmaniac427



She doesn't think she can draw, but if I could draw like her I'd be ridiculously happy. Her drawing style is adorable.
L Chibi by PhantomhiveButler427Johnlock Kitties by PhantomhiveButler427
Sebby and Ciel Kitties! c: by PhantomhiveButler427




She doesn't have that many stories, but I love all of them so much, they're so cute and well written.
Coincidental (Phan)Coincidental
Author: Hannah (meowimhannah)
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Great minds think alike... *'YouTube Fic Exchange oneshot for Secretlynotaninja: More info: *
Word Count: 1,125
Phil's P.O.V:
I stared down at the small ring box in my shaking hands, "Chris, are you sure he'll say yes?"
I glanced up at Chris who was sat next to me on the bed, "Phil, listen, you love him and he loves you. Of course he will say yes."
I paused for a moment, Chris was right. Chris had been in my situation before, so he knew exactly what I was going through.
"What was it like when you asked PJ to marry you?"
"Well, it was great. I don't think I've ever been happier, if I'm honest." He smiled at the memory. I remembered as Dan and I were in the same room whe
Communications (Phan)Communications
Author: Hannah (meowimhannah)
Genre: fluuuuuuuuff
Word Count: 1,818
Disclaimer: I don't own Dan and/or Phil, and I don't own Time Is Running Out by Muse (the lyrics are mentioned in this one shot)
Sitting in his university room studying was not something Dan thought he'd be doing on his Saturday night. Normally he would be out with his mates, but as exams week was coming up, he was slowly going a little overboard with all the revision he had left to the last weekend before.
Looking over at his window, which was opposite another part of the campus, he noticed the boy whose room was facing his. This boy was to blame for all the last-minute revising. Dan was entranced by him, the boy was new and hadn't talked to anyone. If you didn't count the teachers.
He was always seen with his nose in a book, or earphones in and staring out the window. But tonight, he was doing the same as Dan,
Blind Date - Phan (1/2)Blind Date (1/2)
Author: meowimhannah
Genre: Fluff (not so much in this part)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own Dan, Phil, Chris and/or PJ!
Phil's P.O.V:
"Phil, stop worrying! Everything's going to be fine!" Chris tried to reassure me.
He had set me up on a blind date with someone. It had been ages since I'd been on a date or been in a relationship. I was anxious for two reasons: 1. I had no clue who this person was, and 2. Were they going to like me?
"Please just tell me who it is?" I protested.
"If I did then it wouldn't be much of a 'blind date', would it?" He had a point.
I shrugged my shoulders and prayed for the date to come quicker. The anticipation was killing me.
Dan's P.O.V:
I glanced at my reflection in the mirror in the hallway.
'Just be cool, just be cool.' I thought to myself, but the nerves were really getting to me.
"Mate, you look fine." My best friend, PJ, said from behind me.
"You sure?" I asked, turning to look at him.
"Yes, I'm sure."




She draws amazingly, whether traditional or digital, and does not get nearly as much credit as she deserves.

Danny The Pooh - Danisnotonfire by Autumn-BuscusAmazingPhil ~ by Autumn-Buscus
Eyes ~ Phil by Autumn-Buscus


Suggested by Foggylights



His photography is just beautiful and is an inspiration to all still-life painters and photographers everywhere!  He just compels me to set up a still life and have a grand time with it, which is nice since there's a pervasive idea that still lives are boring to watch and to do. 

Ultima Linia by jon-wild
Lamenting Transience by jon-wildBreakfast Fruits by jon-wild




His collage work is amazing and I think some of the most unique compositions and narratives are created from his work.  They're so experimental but they really have the concrete standing of strong works.  I especially like how his collage elements are mostly from other paintings, it makes things seem more painted and fine rather than bland and random.
Voider Sun by voider617
Voider Sun by voider617




I hope she's not tired of me giving so much credit to her work but she's so incredibly amazing!  She doesn't have many works but that's because she works so hard and diligently on each one and because of that, her works are of the utmost highest quality!  They're beautiful and just seem to radiate!  I wish that I could just stand in front of one of her paintings! 
There is always a second chance...tomorrow.... by touchofthesoulI love you, Ti amo, Je t'aime, Ich liebe dich.... by touchofthesoulColours in bloom by touchofthesoul

This project can only continue if you continue to suggest your inspirational artists, so if you've been featured please consider getting involved it takes about 5 minutes and will really make someones day. Other than that thank you for taking the time to look at this feature.

Skin by SimplySilent

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Request Info
Do not request commissions from this widget, please note me instead as my commissions have varying prices.

Also I require 1/2 the payment up front, Just to prevent people from not paying after I've worked for hours

I will post a watermarked copy of the finished piece here and then email you a version without the watermark.

Commissioned work mustn't be used commercially unless previously discussed.
If you use my work elsewhere please give credit.

Sorry for the long boring rules just getting this straight before hand :la:
Mon's Birthday Flower by Bonelos
Dahlia by Bonelos
Glow Leaf by Bonelos
Digital flowers. Ranging from simple to complex. Price depends on complexity.

:bulletblue: Usernames can be added
:bulletblue: Glows can be added
:bulletblue: Versions without watermarks will be sent via email

Please note if you're interested.
Digital Inking
Digital Inking Katie by Bonelos
Banner Inking by Bonelos
Digital Inking of traditional work.

:bulletblue:Can be done with or without colour.
:bulletblue:Prices vary with complexity

Please note me if you're interested


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